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**URGENT** USDR is migrating from V2 to USDR V3

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Earn yield with the first money backed by real estate.

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A rebasing stablecoin backed by a basket of tokenized yield producing Real Estate.

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Backed by Real Estate

Backed by Real Estate

Real USD is backed by tokenized real estate. Leveraging real estate's reliable appreciation against fiat, we've created an inflation-resistant money that strengthens over time, returning real yield back to holders. Learn More.

Daily Yield

Daily Yield

Real USD returns real yield back to its holders. Rent collected from the rental properties is distributed daily in the form of a native rebase. As the value of Real Estate in the treasury increases over time, so does the yield.

Stable in value

Stable in value

Real USD is pegged to the dollar so there's no volatility in the price. Further, up to 50% of the backing is held in DAI, meaning 1:1 redemptions are always available which ensures peg stability.

Auto Re-collateralizing

Auto Re-collateralizing

If the collateralization ratio ever drops beneath 100%, then 50% of the rental yield will be automatically redirected to the treasury, recollateralizing the asset and ensuring Real USD is always fully backed.

Tangible NFTS

Create, Trade, and Redeem Tangible NFTs

Tangible converts real world assets into tangible NFTs (TNFTs) that can be redeemed for the physical product at any time.

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